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The Tyler Art Gallery specializes in Art by modern and contemporary artists and is now celebrating its twentieth year. It is one of the leading contemporary art galleries in Cornwall. The gallery features a wide range of up-and-coming and established Cornish artists. Please view some of the galleries below to get a feel of the work we exhibit and have in stock.

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Essex Tyler

Essex’s identity as a surfer, sailor and fisherman greatly influences his art, which conveys scenes from the ever-changing atmosphere and mood of rugged West Cornwall.

Of the four elements – water, fire, air and earth - water is the vital force in Essex Tyler’s work. Not surprisingly, given that his identity as a surfer, sailor and fisherman bleeds into his art. 

Joan Gilchrest at the Tyler Gallery

Joan Gilchrest was born in London in 1918 and went on to study at the Grosvenor School of Art under Iain Macnab, as well as in Paris at Gwen John’s studios. Early on in her career, she held exhibitions at the Royal Academy and the New England Art Club.

In 1958, Joan moved to Mousehole and started exhibiting her work at the Newly Art Gallery and the St Ives Society of artists. She painted alongside artists such as Francis Bacon, William Scott and Augustus John. 

From the 1970s Gilchrest developed her distinctive naïve style, and her oil paintings were significantly influenced by Christopher Wood, Alfred Wallis and Bryan Pearce of St Ives. Her work depicted the life and characters in Penwith, and her colourful paintings capture the humour of Cornish life. 

Joan died in her home in Mousehole in 2008. She is well remembered for starting the Mousehole Christmas Lights, which still attract thousands of tourists to the quaint fishing village of Mousehole.

Please follow this link to a view a presentation of all our available paintings by Joan Gilchrest: https://office.artlookonline.com/lightbox/1447/67050/joan-gilchrest-at-the-tyler-gallery

Jill Eisele at the Tyler Gallery

Cornish artist Jill Eisele identifies her approach to painting: “I like to paint like a bird sings!”. 

This freedom and movement is apparent in all her artwork as she expertly captures moments by using light and colour to create atmosphere and expression. 

Colour is clearly enormously important in Jill Eisele’s pieces and she primarily paints in oils, whilst experimenting with the medium: "I am always trying to use it in different ways…thin, thick, with collage or with sand and raw pigment.”

Here at the Tyler Gallery in Mousehole, we are lucky enough to sell an array of Eisele’s wonderful work, including her latest paintings which showcase expressions of wild and beautiful Cornwall. 

Click this link to view our latest Jill Eisele collection: https://office.artlookonline.com/lightbox/1447/66658/jill-eisele-s-latest-works-22

Steve Slimm's Latest Work

Having painted and exhibited in Cornwall since 1979, Steve Slimm is recognised as a noteworthy Cornish landscape painter. Working mainly in mixed media- emulsions, acrylic and oils- Slimm has developed a recognisable style and a very impressive use of light.

With Turner as an obvious influence during the early years, the Cornish landscape remains the dominant inspiration reflected in his work. His work is now far from realism, with an emotional intensity that is self-evident. His shows are always colourful, with most pieces hallmarked by a deep sense of mystery.

Steve Slimm contemplates on his own art : “I’m more interested in using landscape as a means of expressing something – in other words, abstracting the landscape. So more and more I’m thinking of myself as a landscape expressionist painter – using the land as a vehicle for expressing something that goes far beyond depicting form.” 

Follow this link to view our latest collection of Steve Slimm's work: 


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Private Sales

Since Establishing in 1999, the Tyler Gallery has undertaken private sales on behalf of clients wishing to sell their works of art privately.

This service is offered for individuals, companies or estates who wish to sell works of art that they no longer require. With a network of collectors and dealers worldwide, the Tyler Gallery is able to achieve a quick sale and unlike trying to sell your work in an art auction payment is made within a few days rather than a few months.

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Should you see any art or paintings that interest you on this site, please don't hesitate to contact us at the gallery. We will deliver all works directly to your door no matter where you are in the world.

Simply contact us via e-mail contact form or telephone +44(0)1736 731109 and we will arrange your delivery. You may choose to pay via credit card, cheque, bank transfer or by using the Pay Pal button.

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