Frank Bowling's first major retrospective at Tate Britain showing work that has spanned over sixty years. Born in Guyana in 1934 , at age 19 he moved to London to study at the Royal academy alongside David Hockney` and R B Kitaj . He spent the next sixty years of his career between London and New York making paintings with a fusion of abstraction and about his personal experiences with high integrity and masterful technique. On until the 26th of August

Tate St Ives showing expressive work of Beirut based artist Huguette Caland .  Her work shifts between the figure and more abstract ideas , capturing erotically charged painting . Amongst collaborations with writers , artists and designers work created in Paris alongside fashion designer Pierre Cardin. 23.05.19

American artist Jenny Holzer at the Tate Modern London . These works have a main focal point on words . But takes place in many forms , whether it be a bench , sign , poster or a painting. Lyrical and expressive text that is both simple and forceful in its nature. Show on until the 07.07.19. 

It is one of the most

stunning beauty spots in Cornwall and one of the places that first

attracted artists to the far south-west of England. More than 100 painters,

sculptors, etchers and potters, as well as writers and poets, are thought to

have lived or worked near Lamorna Cove in the first 30 years of the 20th

century. But the cove’s future

now hangs in the balance after it was put on the market. Local people are

anxious about who may buy it, insisting that only a public body would be able

to protect the cove and could afford to maintain it.

 “What happens to Lamorna is a concern...

A programme of free Tate workshops for museum and gallery professionals which focus on sharing works of art

Facilitated by Tate Registrars and taking place in venues across the UK from April 2018, this workshop series will aim to explore a deeper understanding of the principles of collection management and how to bring judgement to their application.

With training delivered across two days, the workshops will be a forum for discussing the sharing of collections in all ways imaginable; through lending and borrowing, acquiring, transfers between collections, sharing ownership and making...